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I was born and raised near Leicester, England, on 30th November 1949. I had a childhood with freedom rarely seen these days. Roaming fields and woods, normally alone, developed an interest in wildlife. Ironically this often involved blasting away at it with either a 410 scatter gun, air rifle or pistol.

I was fortunate enough to study Graphic Design at art school during the late 1960's, with all the drugs, sex and Rock & Roll to be had in those times.

1970 saw me start a career in advertising. Based in and around the agencies of the west end, London. Over the years I have worked on many different and varied kinds of accounts.

I am now semi-retired. But still like messing about with websites, singing with Wareham Whalers shanty crew and getting involved with local community events.

This site is a bit of an indulgence. But I hope that some people may find it of interest. Please look around and see what you think. There is a Guestbook if you wish to make a comment.
On the beach, aged about 2 years, with my mother
Passport photo 1972
Helming "Pequod"
The Lodge, Knighton Hall. The house in which I was born.
Mum, dad, me and sister Sylvia
My boat "Polly"
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